My artistic practices include: theatre design (sets-props-costume-lighting & sound), fire performance, carving (wood, ice, snow), mask-making, puppetry, and festival, parade, and special event production, as well as juggling, and fantasy make-up.



I carve wood, snow, and ice on commission. I enjoy the collaborative process. Whether you have a special space that needs a piece of original art, or more specific ideas regarding a piece, I would be glad to discuss these with you.


I studied mask making in Bali, and had a gallery show of highly varied masks created from found materials. I have created sets of masks for a groups of performers. I can also provide workshops and theatrical training for performers (adults or children) on using masks effectively.


I create expressive hand puppets for theatre works as well as giant puppets for parades and festivals. In the latter, I worked with Peter Minchal; the master Mas builder of Trinidad. My large puppet, The Ghost of Christmas Future, has made thrilling appearances at the Citadel Theatre of Edmonton’s Christmas Carol for many years.


Call Randall Fraser at 780-242-1120 to discuss your project.